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Fact of life – any car will be towed sooner or later.

Over time, several towing methods and types of equipment have been developed. Such towing techniques include flatbed towing, wheels-lift towing, and the commonly known and used dolly towing.

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What is Dolly Towing?

Dolly towing is one of the most commonly used towing methods. It entails connecting the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle via a metal apparatus – the tow dolly. The tow dolly connects to the towing vehicle by means of a connector, and to the towed vehicle by means of designated slits into which its front wheels fit.

Dolly Towing – Advantages & Disadvantages

Being an easy enough towing method to use, amateurs can employ it according to their needs. However, amateurs should make sure they use the equipment properly and safely so no further harm will be caused to the towed vehicle. Its simple nature also makes this towing method relatively cost effective.

However, not everything is perfect. The main downside of dolly towing is the fact that the towed vehicle’s rear tires remain in full contact with the road for the entire duration of the ride. This exposes the towed vehicle to further damage by gravel, pit holes, and other lesser road conditions.

Towing Masters’ Advantages

When in need of expert dolly towing services in Edmonton you would be best advised to contact Towing Masters for our many important advantages:

  • Around the clock availability: day or night, our dispatch center is available for you. When in need simply give us a call.
  • Quick response: we hate for you to waste your time waiting idly by. This is why we keep several teams on-call throughout Edmonton. Only 30 minutes ETA – this is our promise to you.
  • Professionals only: our technicians are all licensed and experienced. This means that for any roadside emergency you might encounter, we have the solution ready at hand.
  • Affordable prices: it is important for us to give back to the Edmonton community any way we can. This is why we maintain a fair pricing policy. No hidden fees, no hidden costs.

Towing Masters – Additional Solutions

Dolly towing is probably not the only roadside emergency you might need. Amongst our other services:

  • All towing methods, all vehicle types
  • Local/long distance towing
  • Medium/heavy duty towing
  • Recovery
  • 24/7 emergency refuel
  • Flat tire change
  • Battery jumpstart
  • Accident removal

For more info on our tow dolly services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1550