Private Property Towing

Private Property Towing Services in Edmonton by Towing Masters

Towing Masters is a licensed towing company providing Edmonton clients with private property towing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all days of the year. Within reach in 30 minutes or less, our private property towing services are preferred by Edmonton property owners because of their efficiency.

 What is a Private Property Tow?

 If you’re a property owner in Edmonton, calling for a private property tow service is probably second nature. However, for those who are not well-informed, private property tows are towing services done by a towing company to impound illegally parked cars off of property owners’ parking spaces. If you’re a car owner in Edmonton, that means that you should be specifically careful where you park your car since a private property, in essence, is a tow-away zone.

Things You Need to Know About the Service

 Private property tows are requested by private property owners—those who own schools, universities, offices, driveways, and so forth. Any parking space that can be claimed as privately owned cannot be used as a parking space unless the owner permits you to do so. Most car owners wouldn’t be aware that massive parking lots, albeit empty, are still no-park zones if the parking lots are reserved for managers in a company, for example, or if the driveway of a homeowner has a tow-away zone sign planted on it. Drivers need to be watchful of these signs because this will serve as the go signal for our company to tow a vehicle that’s been illegally parked on another’s property.

 Call Us

 If you are in need of a private property tow in Edmonton ASAP, call us first! Our private property tows always come on time (in 30 minutes or less after a request is made) and we never leave our clients disappointed. Moreover, our towing procedures bear in mind the legal concerns involved with towing someone’s car off someone else’s property. Here at Towing Masters, our only concern is to expedite the process so that both parties can negotiate matters as quickly and smoothly as possible.

 Our phone line is also open for any comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns from our valued clients in the Edmonton area.

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