Long Distance Towing

Reliable Long Distance Towing Services in Edmonton

24/7 Long Distance Towing by Towing Masters

Some people fear putting their cars in the hands of others when it comes to long distance towing. There is no doubt that this is understandable. The winding road, the long drive, some might fear that tow truck drivers might not be alert and attentive enough.

For our long distance towing services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1550

We are here to assure you that the tow truck drivers of Towing Masters treat each and every towed vehicle as if it were their own. We do absolutely everything in our power to provide long distance towing solutions in Edmonton by offering our customers:

• 24/7 availability so they know that there is always someone there to come to the rescue or to provide long distance towing solutions whenever needed, to and from Edmonton.
• 30 minute ETA so they know we appreciate their time and will never waste it. Knowing we will always be there within 30 minutes also allows our customers to perfectly plan moving or other long distance towing related activities.
• Reasonable prices so money will not be an issue and hamper their plans.
• A ready smile so they know they will get courteous treatment on top of our professional solutions.

With our winning tram, 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

A Variety of Towing Solutions

Providing excellent long distance towing solutions in Edmonton is not the only thing we do. Our team of trained and certified towing experts will gladly provide you with any one of our comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services:

 Emergency towing
 Flatbed towing and dolly towing
 Private property towing
 Light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty towing
 Motorcycle towing
 Recovery services

When Is Long Distance Towing Needed?

The meaning of long distance towing is having your car towed beyond city limits. This can be to a neighboring city, a neighboring state, or even to the furthest edge of the country. Local towing is what most people know (having your car towed within city limits) and therefore understand when such a service is needed.

So, when are long distance towing solutions required? Here are a couple of examples.

• Moving – people often move into a new house in another state. Sometimes, distances can be great and encourage people to avoid driving their car the whole distance. It is much more convenient to have a professional tow your car for you and deliver it at your new doorstep.
• Cross country trip – going on a long trip does not mean you want to drive the entire way. Sometimes, you would like to start from a distant point, and make your way traveling back home. A great solution for such plans is long distance towing.

Just Press Send

The next time you need a professional long distance towing service- you know who to call. Contact us and Towing Masters will provide you with the best towing services available, as we believe that a satisfied customer is a returning customer.

For our long distance towing services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1550