24/7 Car Lockout Solutions in Edmonton

Auto Transport Masters Provide Premium Car Lockout Solutions

If you are in Edmonton and have somehow gotten locked out of your car, do not discourage! We, at Towing Masters, are just a phone call and a max of 30 min away. We are always available, 24 hour a day, 365 day a year, and provide top quality, highly professional service for rock bottom prices. We can solve any kind of car lockout, no matter the circumstances, we can even rekey ignition switches in cases of lost car keys.

For more info on our car lockout services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1550

Car Lockouts are Extremely Frustrating

At Towing Masters we know how frustrating it is to get locked out of your car. You are most simply left high and dry, standing next to a perfectly operational vehicle not being able to access it and drive off as you, just seconds ago, believed you can do.

There are numerous circumstances in which car lockouts occur, it may be that the car keys were accidently locked inside the passenger compartment or trunk, it may be that the keys were lost altogether, sometimes it is faulty central locking systems or car remotes that are the culprits.

Whatever has led you to become locked out of your car, if you are in Edmonton all you need do is call on us for help. We always have a manned service van ready to be sent off your way on a moment’s notice. We guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location in Edmonton as well as a top class service from highly skilled techs who come equipped with all the tools of trade they may need.

We’ll Get You Back behind the Wheel in No Time

In Edmonton anyone who gets locked out of their car does not have to be thrown right off schedule. We, at Towing Masters, offer lightening fast car lockout solutions, we are as quick on our feet as any auto locksmith service provider can be. We know our way around Edmonton and have a large enough fleet of manned service vans so that we can guarantee a 30 min ETA to anywhere in or around Edmonton you may be.

Once on the scene our expert techs (all of them top of their field, highly experienced, dedicated, fully licensed professionals) will go on to solve the situation for you so fast it’ll make your spin. Getting you back behind the wheel quickly and for a low a fee is what we are all about.

Full Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Towing Masters aims for full customer satisfaction on each and every occasion. We have earned a name for ourselves as market leaders in towing, roadside assistance as well as car lockout solutions.

We know that offering competitive rates is an inseparable part of the equation, we have streamlined our operation and abide by a strict honest billing policy, all in order to ensure that when you use any of our services, car lockout included, you not only enjoy top class service but also end up paying a fee none of our competitors can match.

For our car lockout services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1550