About Us

Who We Are – Towing Masters Edmonton

Who are we and what should you know about us? We are team of the most professional towing technicians in Canada. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are technicians who know how to resolve any situation from car lockout to wreckage clean up. We are friendly dedicated technicians who have been a part of the Edmonton community for many a year. We are Towing Masters Edmonton and we’re proud of it! It has long been our prerogative to provide the best service possible to the people driving the roads of Edmonton and in our opinion a job well done is one where we resolve your troubles and set you back on the road without us.

For more info on our towing services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1550

What to Expect

What should you be able to expect of us here at Towing Masters Edmonton? You should expect master technicians who know everything necessary to service cars of every make and model. You should expect prompt service, within 30 minutes of your call 24 hours a day. You should be able to expect honesty in our prices and quality in our work. You should expect the best of us, because that is what we expect of ourselves. Our team isn’t just a towing team, we offer full roadside assistance services, local and long distance towing on flatbed trucks and even some automobile mechanics. You should expect us to be there, anywhere and anytime. You should expect high quality equipment and high quality solutions.

We Set the Standard

It may sound like we’ve set the standard too high, or we’re too good to be true. Though we fully admit we’re human and mistakes can be made we’re also determined that you should expect the best! We intend to set the standard for the towing industry. At Towing Masters Edmonton we know that the only way to provide service of this caliber requires a lot of preparation on our part. From training to certifying and licensing we’ve taken the time to hand select and personally qualify our technicians.

We want to be here for you in any emergency, helping to resolve the problems quickly and professionally. We’re also available for regular towing services both locally and long distance. Our fleet of flatbed, heavy duty and light duty trucks can safely tow any vehicle where it needs to go. If you don’t want added wear and tear our flatbed trucks can carry a vehicle with all four wheels off the ground. We hope you’ll leave the towing to professionals to protect you and all those sharing the Edmonton roads with you.

So Call Us

The point is, Towing Masters Edmonton is the best towing service around! We are here for you 24/7/365 and we intend to stay that way. There’s nothing like knowing exactly what you can expect when you call for help, and with us you do! So call us, when you’re on the road, in a parking lot or ready to move your car to another city, Towing Masters of Edmonton is here for you!

Address: Manulife Place 10180-101 St. Suite 3400 Edmonton, AB, T5J 3S4.

For our towing services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1550